Trade System Policy

     Wee Peats offers a wonderful trade system developed for Wee Peats and Wee Three customers as a way to share their favorite used items with others while earning a little bonus for themselves. We have many happy trade customers! Our goal is to continue to be Sonoma County's number one resale outlets for those families looking for up to date, quality clothing at exceptional prices. We do not buy used clothing. We issue store credit based on 50% (toys are done at 40/60 split due to the outside cost of processing) of the estimated selling price for your items. Your credit can then be applied to 1/2 of your purchase upon each visit, with some exceptions.

     We have spent years developing our policies. This is why we ask that you initially spend some time with us so you fully understand the way our system works, no matter how casual you are about your clothing. Once you are "approved", we welcome you to drop off as many items as you wish (6 pc minimum please) at your leisure. Once your items are left with us we either credit you, or donate off your merchandise. Nothing is returned to you. For this reason, and because our goal is to have happy trade customers, we ask that you call to set up an initial consultation.

     Occasionally we will let an individual skip consultation (detailed in the next paragraph), if they are very familiar with children's clothing lines, confident they have all premium items and are willing to risk them all being donated off if in fact we do not have the same opinion.

So to get started:
~ We ask you to prepare us two separate piles of up to 10 items. The first pile represents items that you are confident are highly desirable for resale. The second pile should be items which you feel are worth resale, but not premium; items you feel are the least quality that we would take. Please realize this 2nd pile is meant for us to help you understand where we begin donating off items. Again, please bring items in that you truly think we would take, but know it isnt your best items for the second pile. It is very helpful for you to ask yourself if you would pay good money for this item TODAY. Not would you just use it if someone gave it to you.
Remember, Wee Three (Wee Peats is a division of Wee Three) is not a thrift store. We pride ourselves in handling unique, exceptional clothing.

~ Once you have your clothes separated call ahead at (707) 525-9333, and make sure Betsy will be in (currently in every Wednesday, every other Saturday). We can work with you other times too, but remember, we must take care of buying customers first, so set aside 15 minutes.

What happens when you come in for our 'consultation':
~ We will walk through your 2 piles, explaining why we would, or would not accept those items. We show you how we will be processing your future drop offs and answer any questions.
~ Then we help you check your items in, and advise you if you need to work with us again, or usually just move you to 'Approved Trade Customer' status.

Once you are approved:
~ No need to meet with us unless you have aquestion. Drop off items at your convenience. Please watch our calendar for your best profit on your items. Should you be dropping off items when we are done with a season (ie:winter items in time left to sell so we will hold them until October) we are going to give you 1/3 our estimated selling price instead of 1/2. Credit will still be delayed until the date items will be offered for sale.
~ We ask you drop off no less then 6 items, but there is no maximum.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you buy clothes?
No, we trade. We give you 1/2 of what we believe the item will sell for in store credit. This credit can be used at Wee Peats Events or in Wee Three Children Store and can be applied to pay for up to 1/2 of your purchase. You always pay for 1/2 of the purchase plus sales tax.

Do you buy any children items?
We will pay for wood toys, big toys, some furniture, like new equipment less then 18 mos old. But you are much better off letting us consign these items. Should you want cash, have a price in mind when you come in. We only consider cash when it is a very quick, low price.

Why do I only get to credit on 1/2 of my purchase?
We give you credit for what we THINK your items will sell for. You get to use credit the day we offer your items for sale, not wait until they do sell. So we are giving you credit on items that may never sell at all. We also let you use your trade credit on most new items, items that take cash to purchase. Plus the hard costs of just keeping the doors open: rent, utilities, phones, labor, supplies, advertising. We cannot exist without cash flow.

When do I have to use my credit by?
Credit is current and available unless the account is inactive for 30 months (2 1/2 years). We clear off old trade amounts after they have been inactive, no use at all, for 30 months. Cleared trade amounts cannot be recovered, sorry.

How long does it take to get my credit?
Usually about 2 weeks, but during season transition it can be much longer. Also, we work months ahead, so we are usually processing for the next season. We do allow you to use your credit the 1st day we offer your items for sale, but again, we fill up fast and are always working for the next season, so try to bring them in before the season starts. For example in February 2014 there are very few items that can be dropped off to get immediate credit. We will only clear winter, and will not put out Spring until March 1st. So all drop offs will get their first credit for 3/1/14 at 1/2 of what we think the all items we will put out will sell for. Items that we think are better for fall/ winter will be processed for August and October at 1/3 of what we believe they will sell for. Or you can hold on to them until May 1, 2014 when we begin processing for fall at 1/2. Year round items (gear, sweat shirts, light jackets, jeans, blankets, etc) always go to the earliest processing time.

How do I know when to bring in which season?
We have it on our calendar. But do not try to time it for us. We are off season which is very convenient to you. Really, as you are cleaning out your closet when the weather is turning, we are usually ready for your items. Check the calendar before dropping off, but this keeps you from storing items to bring them into us. It is very convenient.

Do you take more then clothing?
Good carriers can be put in with your clothing.We love all of the baby paraphanalia that made your life easier (nursing covers, teethers, cloth diapers, blankets) Shoes need to be in like new condition. Toys need to be complete, and unless wood must have a date of 2010 or later printed on them (lead law) . Equipment and furniture can be consigned, but we prefer you to email us pictures before dropping it off.

Why is Wee Peats so picky about lines?
As picky as we are, we are not picky enough. The way our system works if we take in your items you are compensated whether they sell or not. We take in brands that we feel you will get many other washes out of. Our belief is buying better quality items that resist stains, and can be shared rather then using clothing as disposible.

What does Wee Peats consider 'premium' items?
Specialty and European lines that are sold in boutiques. Mini Boden, Hanna Andersson and newer sets of Gymboree, Nordstroms, Nartjjie and Gap are highly desirable.

And what items are not good sellers?
Wee Peats customers are looking for quality for the money, not 'budget' clothing lines. So some of the inexpensive lines just dont resale. Our rule on the 'cheap' lines is that is has to be super cute and in perfect condition. And usually it has to be a set, not a separate. The best selling 'cheap' line by far is Old Navy. Lines that we see hold up decently, but usually are so discounted, and available that they do not hold a good resale value are Osh Kosh, Carters and Sprockets. Again, super cute and in perfect condition for those lines which were so inexpensive when they first sold. Resale on these items, IF we take them is in the $1 - 4 range. So it is the premium items that bring you the good return.

What lines do you feel do not want us to bring in?
All of the lines from kmart, walmart, target, etc.

I'm confused and don't think I can do this sorting, will you help?
It is essential that you put effort into the sorting before our initial visit. We need to see how much assistance you need. We know from experience that if you skip this step, you just have to make a 2nd appointment with us. The majority of people who put effort into sorting can go straight to 'approved drop off status'.

I've done consignment before, I know my brands and I don't have time to make an appointment. Is there a place for me in your system?
Yes, we will let you drop off the your items if you are confident you know what you are doing and know you have brand names. You need to document that fact on your drop off sheet so we can call you with any concerns. Please only do this if you know we will be donating off all items we do not put into our trade system and you are okay with this.

How can I make the most off my clothing brought in to you?
- We are always sad when clothing comes in wrinkled, soiled, or smelly. 95% of this is donated off.
- Outerwear is the biggest soiling problem, as parents do not wash this as frequently and often forget to inspect it before putting it in the pile.
- We do not expect you to iron your clothing, but it needs to be ready to hang and sell.
- Sets also need to be together. Often we will reject a single item that would have appeal if the matching piece were with it. Just fold them or hang them together.
- Minimize your donation items, they wrinkle your good stuff, and we will only put so much effort into a trade drop off if we are finding holes and stains. We ask you to cull this out.

More questions? Send them to and we will post them on this site.

Thank you for your time, and thank you for wanting to be a part of the Wee Peats family!